We live in a world where our actions can affect people all around us. So, when someone else's error or negligence leads to serious injury or even death, they are responsible for making it right. Our job as lawyers is to make sure that they do so.

100% Focused on Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

For 30 years, both of the partners at McFann & Beavers, P.A. have remained unfailingly dedicated to helping individuals and the families of those who have suffered a serious personal injury, permanent brain injury, spinal injury or wrongful death as a result of the negligence of others.

Our most common clients include:

  • Car Accidents — Whether struck by a drunk or inattentive driver, car accidents, despite being common, can be very serious. We can help.
  • Trucking Accidents — From driver fatigue to unprofessional conduct, the frequency of accidents involving these massive vehicles increases every day. We can help.
  • Motorcycle Accidents — Respecting the rights of cyclists to share the road is not optional, and "I didn't see him" isn't an excuse. Motorcyclists have rights. We can help.
  • Premises Liability - When businesses open their doors to the public, they are expected to live up to standards of safety. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. We can help.
  • Boating/Recreational Vehicle Accidents — Too often, people get so involved in the fun of their recreational vehicle that they forget the responsibilities that go along with these vehicles. Too often people needlessly suffer as a result. We can help.
  • Construction Accidents — From the roadwork crew that doesn't post a proper warning to irresponsible contractors not living up to their obligations for safety, construction-related accidents can be serious. We can help.

If you or your family has suffered because of an accident that never should have happened, then maybe we can help. You shouldn't have to worry about medical expenses, expense from lost wages, long-term care expenses or even the expenses associated with losing a loved one when someone else is at fault.